Let me tell you more about me.

When did I start writing?

My relationship with words started before I could stand on my feet. My mum says I started talking before I could walk and that probably proves that communication is a talent I was born with.

When I was 11 years old I got diary as a birthday gift.

Its pages were blue and its cover was red with white heart shaped dots, and it had a lock with a key. This was my first journal.

I started writing my thoughts and feelings into that little journal and poured my heart into a blue page that because it was kept with a lock, made me feel safe and helped me build a space where I was able to play and have fun with what was coming out of me. It was a source of affirmation.

I spent hours listening to songs and their lyrics and I wrote songs and poems of my own. It was my way of exercising my creativity and for many years I wrote only for me.
I did creative writing courses and participated in small writing contests but It was always a very private and intimate part of my life.

I grew more confident in my abilities and started to share my stories with friends and colleagues and decided to do more of what I loved.
In 2018 I gathered all the material I wanted to share and made available at www.tortugadeluz.com hoping I could inspire readers to feel and reflect with the words that came from my own personal growth experience and creativity.

In 2020 I started working on Laura Lorikeet and the Song of the Heart, and it is my dream that it will be the first of the many more that I want to write.

What do I write about?

I have always loved to write down my thoughts, secrets and emotions. It is the best way to clear my busy mind, connect with my soul and liberate my body of all the emotions that passes through me. Writing is a form of breathing for me and I believe stories have the power to shape a life, specially the stories we tell ourselves about who we are.

So, I mostly write about me and my experiences and for therapeutic purposes. In doing so I discovered that the creative process is also a spiritual practice, therefore I write from the spirit hoping my words can touch the life of others in a positive way. I see my stories as tools to help readers feel themselves and connect with their inner beauty.

All my characters have a piece of me and I portray them with love and respect as it is also a way of revering my experience in life.I like to give deep meaning to every story I write so I let characters grow in their own way, guided by the purpose I want them to have. That means my goal is to create characters that can connect to the universal truth of love because I want my writing to be of use, to stir emotions, to make people laugh, and reflect on themselves.

What is my motivation to write?

In January 2020 I decided to put my talents to the service of what I consider most important in life and that is to care for Mother Nature, Children and Families.

So my motivation to write is to help parents and teachers and therapist in the development of children´s sense of self love and self awareness, so they can become emotionally strong to face today’s social challenges. I also believe that is the best way we can help them connect with Mother Nature, who is the source of all we have in this planet.

Why do I write about kids and nature?

Because those are my favorite beings in the world and I love to have fun.

There is a lot of fun involved in making children my ¨expert subject matter¨ I love saying ¨kids are my boss¨.
Children are pure light, pure joy, pure honesty, and using animals in my stories, makes me feel that I can become a link between children and nature.

I believe that it is my life´s mission to speak about what I have learned through years of self discovery. If I can help children and parents, even just a little bit, to grow more aware of their true loving nature, so they can become emotionally strong and independent and treat our planet in a more loving and caring way then I will have fulfilled my heart´s desire. I want everybody to feel better about themselves and love their lives as they are because in truth we are all perfect.I believe everybody has the right to live a happier life, and it is my wish to assist by creating wonderful stories that help kids and grownups return to their innocence.

Where am I from and how did I get here?

I was born in a planet far away in another galaxy…. just kidding, but yes sometimes I feel I am abit extraterrestrial.

I was born in Venezuela, became Australian citizen in 2010 and Peruvian resident in 2015 so I feel 35% Venezuelan, 30% Australian, 30% Peruvian and 5% and from another planet.

I don’t really know how I got to this beautiful planet maybe it was part of a bigger plan, but I am enjoying the ride of becoming the best version of me and to pursue my dream of making a life out of what I love most.

And last but not least, what is my favourite children story?

Finding Nemo, of course!

We are all fishes in this beautiful sea called life.

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