Laura Lorikeet and the Song of the Heart is the story of a brave little bird who discovers the effects that feelings and emotions have in her body.
It’s for children from 4-7 years old and It’s a story about emotional learning.


When we are present in our bodies and we feel strong emotions, we can quickly identify the changes we experience in our breath, pulse, our tone of voice. Laura story proposes to teach kids to focus their attention on what signs the body is showing, thus connecting such sensations to the experience of feelings and emotions. The story contains a fun and happy song that is meant to help kids to learn about body-emotions connections as they dance with their feelings, and it reinforces the idea of taking action to accept and express them as they are.
It is a story for teachers, parents and any career who wants to initiate kids into the vast topic of emotional learning, and allow conversations about feelings to happen more often. Australian animals are used as main characters of the story, to raise awareness about the beauty of the nature that surrounds this country and also to help kids develop deeper appreciation for the animals that they encounter in their everyday lives.

The Song of the Heart
by Verónica Figarella

Watch the video book of Laura Lorikeet and the Song of the Heart available at and enjoying an extended version of the book with beautiful narration, sound effects and educational activities at the end of the story.

Download for free the beautiful illustration sketches from Laura Lorikeet story, and start coloring all your emotions with her.



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